Understanding the Numeric Implications of Owning Real Estate is a website specifically geared to online real estate calculation tools. The site is designed to aid the small to intermediate investor in numerically understanding the financial implications of owning real estate. Everyone should be reassessing their real estate holdings at least once annually. Homeowners and investors should be 1) performing a five year forecast (at the very minimum) of their property holdings and 2) should be reviewing their mortgage costs for possible refinancing.

Here are two obvious reasons: 1) most people have the majority of their net wealth allocated to their personal residence, and 2) real estate is truly a fascinating mechanism for wealth accumulation. The average individual should be EMPOWERED by knowing the financial outcome of holding or selling property, either as rental property or non rental property (primary residential property).

Unlike most websites, this website will take some brain power to grasp but with a little effort you will soon obtain significant knowledge! Many websites sell you a lot of absolutely NOTHING. Well I spent twenty years on Wall Street as a bank analyst and I can assure you that you will truly be AMAZED!

At you can estimate the tax consequences of selling a property which is 1) non rental property (primary residence), 2) rental property or 3) part rental / part non rental property. Or you can perform a 5 year forecast of a property which is 1) non rental property (primary residence), 2) rental property or 3) part rental / part non rental property.

Choose to perform either a 5 year forecast of the income statement or a 5 year forecast of both the income statement and balance sheet. Forecast calculators of both the income statement and balance sheet are available in 5, 10, 15 and 25 year increments.

In addition you may just want to compare two mortgage loans or understand the effects of present value in comparing two mortgage loans. For those that might be considering a major renovation of an investment property and want a quick analysis, you can calculate the return on investment ROI of a construction project. is the only website on the internet where you will find interactive online real estate calculation tools this comprehensive and technically advanced.

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