Real Estate Markets and Their Price Spreads

Brief Description: In real estate people reach out to more far reaching real estate markets in the hope that those markets may mature or improve and that the price may rise closing the spread between that market and another.

Understanding the Numeric Implications of Owning Real Estate

Brief Description: The site is designed to aid the small to intermediate investor in numerically understanding the financial implications of owning real estate.

Why Select A Local Realtor In Selling Your Home?

Brief Description: If you are looking to select a realtor, look for a realtor that has his or her office in the town in which the property is located

Rising Construction Costs Could Offer Offset to Softening Real Estate Market But Could Hurt Affordable Housing.

Brief Description: Rising construction costs could offer a long-term offset or buffer to the softening real estate market and falling home prices.

The Home Buyer’s Dilemma: Buy Now or Wait?

Brief Description: If you are considering buying a home you are probably wondering, “Should I buy now or wait?” This could be a difficult decision to make and may depend on many factors both economic and personal.

The Row House: A Unique Property.

Brief Description: Row Houses are a unique type of property. They are becoming more and more in demand as the disparity between the number of available row houses versus the number of available apartments widens.

U.S. Real Estate and the Weakening U.S. Dollar.

Brief Description: With the weakening US dollar against many foreign currencies, what kind of effect will this have on the US real estate market and the cost of housing?

Mortgage Calculators and Refinancing Your Mortgage.

Brief Description: Determining to refinance your mortgage may require a more sophisticated approach than most mortgage calculators provide.

Buy Your Home Now? Low Interest Rates! Buyer’s Market! Declining Dollar!

Brief Description: There has been a convergence of market conditions that point to a significant buying opportunity.


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