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  • Estimate what you will net after taxes, brokers fees and any remaining mortgage balances when you sell either a 1) non rental property, 2) rental property or 3) part rental / part non rental property, now or at some time in the future.

  • Estimate how mortgage interest, real estate taxes and rent will affect you on a income / expense basis and on a cash flow basis. For example, that portion of you mortgage payment which is applied to principal is not tax deductible because it is not an expense, however it is a cash flow item. Hence it would be beneficial to know your status on both a income statement basis and a cash flow basis.

  • Trying to decide to sell a property now or later based on your projection of the property's future annual appreciation.

  • What might be the potential future long term capital gains tax ramifications surrounding a future sale of a rental property, a non rental property or a part rental / non rental property, based on today's tax code?

  • In a multi family property, where the owner occupies a percentage of the property, how does the rental income affect the owner's cash flows and what is the net affect of any tax considerations?

  • With an investment property you own, determine the alternative of 1) developing the property yourself or 2) selling it to a developer. What potential profit would you be willing to pass on to the developer rather then develop the property yourself. Try our construction and rehab calculators.

  • Become more aware that when you sell a property for a gain, you could be subject to pay a state tax as well as a federal tax on any gain unless the gain qualifies for an exclusion or you defer the gain through a 1031 exchange.

  • Become more aware that if you sell a rental property or part rental / part non rental property, you will have to recapture any accumulated depreciation and you may have to pay a depreciation recapture tax unless you defer the tax through a 1031 exchange.

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