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In creating a financial calculator or model there is a trade off between complexity and simplicity versus effectual and ineffectual. Striking the right balance is the key to being a good analyst.

The calculators on began to take form 15 years ago. The input and output are designed to capture complex topics and produce detailed results. The coloring and layout of the results are designed to capture the attention of the user and to encourage the user to know more.

"Mathematical modeling", "manipulation of numeric data" and "displaying numeric results" are all part of an art form! To think otherwise would produce less than superior results.

What are the uses of financial calculators? They are educational, they are useful in building or reinforcing a web presence and they compliment an already existing business plan. As the owner of a small consulting practice I have taken these two websites as far as practically possible. Taking these two websites to another level could compliment a finacial services company. As an example:

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