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The real estate calculators, mortgage calculators, and business plan calculators created on this website were developed to aid the small to intermediate investor in numerically understanding the financial implications of owning real estate and starting a small business.

Homeowners and real estate investors should be performing a forecast of their property holdings and should be reviewing their mortgage costs for possible refinancing. In addition, potential business owners should consider the financial implications of starting a small business.

Most people have most of their net wealth in their residences, and real estate is truly a fascinating mechanism for wealth accumulation. Unfortunately, most novice business owners do not understand the financial details of starting a small business. They are required to submit a numeric forecast in applying for an SBA loan.

In creating a financial calculator or model, there is a trade-off between complexity and simplicity versus effectual and ineffectual. Striking the right balance is the key to being a good analyst. "Mathematical modeling," "manipulation of numeric data," and "displaying numeric results" are all part of an art form! To think otherwise would produce less than superior results.

An example output of a analysis of the taxes due on the sale of multifamily investment property.

The input and output are designed to capture complex topics and produce detailed results. The coloring and layout of the results are intended to capture the user's attention and encourage the user to know more. Browser-based calculators are limited by technology and the sophistication of the user. Yet, I hope I have offered an experience one step above what you might experience elsewhere online. 

I have twenty years of experience in the financial services industry with specific knowledge in the following: 1) financial statement preparation, 2) risk management, 3) financial modeling, 4) forecast modeling, 5) programming, and 6) business plan preparation. 

Please try my calculators! Try a 5-year forecast of your primary residence, or if you own a multi-family property, consider the dynamic tax consequences of selling multi-family property. Or, if you plan on opening a small business, such as a coffee shop in your local community, please try my business plan calculators

Please note that I am converting my calculator suites from Visual Basics and VB Script to PHP and JavaScript. Since I worked in financial services, I have been trained in Visual Basics and VB Script. Unfortunately, visual Basics and VB Script are no longer supported, so I am converting them to open-source languages. This is a time-consuming process, so please return regularly for updates.  

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Mortgage Refinancing Calculator Example:

Refinancing your mortgage? Try this simple mortgage calculator comparing cash flows: Compare (Old) Mortgage To (New) Mortgage.  You can indicate an early payoff if you plan on selling your home before the mortgage is fully amortized.  If you would like to consider present value, try: Compare (Old) Loan To (New) Loan Using Present Value.

Free calculator displaing an amortization schedule and helping homeowners understand the amount of money they will save by refinance there mortgage.