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Calculate Monthly Payment And Amortization Schedule.

This basic mortgage calculator will calculate your monthly payment and display an amortization schedule. You can find such a mortgage calculator anywhere online. In my opinion, it has minimal utility. If you have an existing mortgage that has already been amortized or want to take equity out of your home, this will not tell you much on a comparative basis. If you're going to compare your existing loan and take equity out of your home (borrow additional funds), try a more advanced mortgage calculator such as "Refinance An (Old) Mortgage Into A (New) Mortgage (Compare Amortization Schedules)."

Input the fixed rate, the term, and the loan amount, and click "Calculate Payment And Annual Amortization."  

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator Example:

Refinancing your mortgage? Try this simple mortgage calculator comparing cash flows: Compare (Old) Mortgage To (New) Mortgage.  You can indicate an early payoff if you plan on selling your home before the mortgage is fully amortized.  If you would like to consider present value, try: Compare (Old) Loan To (New) Loan Using Present Value.

Free calculator displaing an amortization schedule and helping homeowners understand the amount of money they will save by refinance there mortgage.