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Our real estate calculators offer a comprehensive forecast for rental property revenues, expenses, and cash flows.  They provide a detailed 10-year projection of rents, expenses, depreciation, and cash flows.  

These calculators are not just about forecasting real estate appreciation, they also include an income statement and a statement of cash flows. The income statement projects rental income and expenses, deducting depreciation (a non-cash flow income statement line item). Mortgage payments are carefully considered, including only interest expense, as the principal portion of the annual fees is not an income statement expense.  

The statement of cash flows is equally comprehensive, adding back depreciation as an expense but not a cash flow item. Annual principal payments on any mortgage are deducted from the statement of cash flows.   

Below is a summary of real estate calculators for forecasting real estate rental property revenues, expenses, and cash flows.

Advanced Rental Property Forecast (not-yet-acquired)

Advanced Rental Property Forecast (already-acquired)

10 Year NPV Of Rental Property

20 Year NPV Of Rental Property

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator Example:

Refinancing your mortgage? Try this simple mortgage calculator comparing cash flows: Compare (Old) Mortgage To (New) Mortgage.  You can indicate an early payoff if you plan on selling your home before the mortgage is fully amortized.  If you would like to consider present value, try: Compare (Old) Loan To (New) Loan Using Present Value.

Free calculator displaing an amortization schedule and helping homeowners understand the amount of money they will save by refinance there mortgage.